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Nox Diesque Fantasia ~ Night and Day
Where all Fantasies come to Life
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2nd-Aug-2006 09:26 pm - [FIC] NES Night -- Cold Comfort
Title: Cold Comfort (1/1)
Author: Sailor Seraphim
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Bastian/Atreyu, implied Bastian/The Queen
Disclaimer: I do not own The Neverending Story or any of its related characters. I do, however, own the situations which occur in this fic.
Warnings: Yaoi. Angst. Sorta D/s relationship. Mentions of sex.
Notes: Drabble request written for trowacko. Part of the Night Universe. Crossposted to plotbunny_hutch.
Summary: Atreyu attends The Queen, and receives a small bit of hope in the process.


Attend me.Collapse )
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1st-Aug-2006 07:04 pm - [FIC] NES Night -- Conflict
Title: Conflict (1/1)
Author: Sailor Seraphim
Rating: M
Pairings: Bastian/Atreyu
Disclaimer: I do not own The Neverending Story or any of its related characters. I do, however, own the situations which occur in this fic.
Warnings: Yaoi, rough!sex implications, a vague D/s relationship, angst. All part and parcel of The Night universe.
Notes: Drabble written for trowacko for the WIP drabble meme here. Crossposted to plotbunny_hutch.
Summary: Sometimes, Atreyu just wants Bastian to prove his claim.


This is getting ridiculous...Collapse )
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14th-Dec-2005 04:53 pm - [FIC] NES night-- Belong to you
Title: Belong to you
Rated: NC-17
Pairings: Bastian/Atreyu
Warnings: bondage, voyeurism, yaoi
Notes: I hope it's not too bad since: a) my first published smut, b) I'm not a native english speaker, c) It's unbetaed. Also, I'm a NES book geek so some of the descriptions might show it. But anyway, I'm very proud of it, I hope you like it.

Click here for Atreyu on a leashCollapse )
tactics harukan
12th-Oct-2005 11:48 pm - [Fic] NES Night -- Debauchery
Title: Debauchery
Rated: R (for descriptions of sexual acts)
Pairings: Orgy with Bastian, Atreyu, the Queen, and a certain Lucky Dragon
Warnings: blatant debauchery, post-orgy-coital feelings, and general nekkidness on a grand scale. Yaoi, het, bisexual.
Notes: This just bit me out of the blue, so I decided to seize the bunny while it was still kicking. Unbeta-ed and written on the fly.


Debauched. That was the word. Debauched.Collapse )
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13th-Oct-2005 12:21 am - Nightfall, ch1
Title - Nightfall
Author - trowacko
Rating - NC17 overall - this is just the beginning, baby
Warnings - NONE! You will get NONE! No, not even Sera!
Disclaimers - I do not own the Neverending Story entity, nor do I make a claim to. No profit, no harm done.

Many things had been born or created following the Nothing's defeat ages previous. For the human world, dreams became less troubled and a precarious equilibrium seemed to have been achieved. In Fantasia, the days were brighter than they remembered, full of work and song that narry a complaint crossed one's lips regardless of the task at hand. In the years following a single human's trespass into the sacred land, a tremble started to reverberate throughout the lands at dusk. Within time the people of Fantasia could no longer ignore it and found themselves ill at ease; their slumber troubled by a darkness that made the Nothing seem like a passing storm...Collapse )
NES - Ivory Tower night
12th-Oct-2005 05:21 pm - New Blood!
I've approved TWO new members to nox_diesque within this past week, so everyone please make them feel welcome! And new people, don't be shy about introducing yourselves!

... ahahah. I sound so peppy. I need more soda.
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This time around there are vague mentionings of plot-ness, the different levels of Fantasia, and the fact that Bastian Does Not Need Viagra.

Your commentators, as usual, are trowacko, merith, and windandwater.

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10th-Oct-2005 03:12 pm - *squeaks softly*
I knew I was forgetting something. There's another plot-ish type chat that happened between myself, tro, and merith that I need to edit and post up here. Sorry about that! I'll get it done tonight.

And tro? I'm still working on the fic that I owe you, which has been blown out of proportion because Bastian is, apparently, a really kinky bastard. *whimpers*
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21st-Aug-2005 02:27 am - [ficlet] Awakening, NC17
Title - Awakening
Author - trowacko
Warnings - NC 17, Bastian/Atreyu
Disclaimers - i do not own any aspect of the Neverending Story, nor do i make a claim to. no profit, no harm done.
Author's Note - cuz i'm apparently vulnerable late at night when someone paws me for NES smut *eyeballs windandwater*

There was making no sense of time when the sun made its final glimmerCollapse )
Zetsuai/Bronze - Remember When
17th-Aug-2005 03:50 pm - Somebody stop me
Yes. Please. Stop me from creating a human form for Falcor in the Night. *biteslip*

Also, merith brought up some really interesting questions in this post so, trowacko and iniq, feel free to jump in with your own ideas, too. It's good world-building exercise to get the plotbunnies going.

I uploaded two more Fantasia icons to the comm for general use. ^^ And I founds some nice ones through a Google search last night. Hahaha. I added them to my own LJ icons to fill up that 100 icon gap. Bwee. Now I have a sexy!Atreyu icon and I know you're all jealous.

Ohgodhuman!Falcor... nnnngh....
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16th-Aug-2005 12:05 am - The Third of the world-building chats
The third of the Fantasia Night world-building chats is once again between windandwater and trowacko. It's mostly a discussion on the change of everyone's personalities in the Night, and has a plotbunny free for the taking at the end.

cut for lengthCollapse )
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The Second of the Fantasia Night world-building chats was only between trowacko and windandwater. Included at the end of the chat is an impromptu roleplay/ficcish thing, of Bastian and Night!Atreyu. It is pr0nish, though Bastian and Atreyu don't get much beyond heavy making out.

cut for length and pr0nCollapse )
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This is where Fantasia Night started... a chat between windandwater, trowacko, and ponderosa121.

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15th-Aug-2005 12:02 am - Time for some world-building~!
Hello everyone!

Since a new member has joined the perviness (*waves to merith*), I thought it might be a good idea for us to debate and quibble and world-build a bit for Fantasia Night. Afterall, this is a shared NES universe for us, and it's good if everyone knows what the background of Fantasia Night is, who the new characters (or Night versions of beloved characters) are, et cetera.

The idea for Nox Diesque and Fantasia Night came about during a chat between me and trowacko. I have the two chats we had discussing everything saved, and I can make them available for perusal. ^^

But, mainly, the idea is that Bastian is worried that Fantasia may once again go through The Nothing, because he's growing up and his fantasies are changing -- no longer innocent imaginations, but more worldly and carnal pursuits. In an effort to keep Fantasia alive, even if children stop dreaming, Bastian starts actively creating the "other" Fantasia, the realm of the Night. In the Night (literally), all adult fantasies come to life, much like the way childish dreams fuel the life of Fantasia Day.

Of course, this isn't a simple process. Bastian gets a helping hand from the Childlike Empress -- who still rules the Day -- and a VERY helpful (and sometimes groping) hand from the Hedonistic Queen -- the Night mirror of the Childlike Empress. In the Night, all the sexual and fantastic creatures take on their own lives (like nymphs, satyrs, and succubi), and even beloved childhood Day denziens may take a wholly different form in the Night.

Day and Night of Fantasia are wholly separate, but connected. The only people who are aware of what they do in both Night and Day are Bastian and the Childlike Empress/The Queen. But Bastian has to struggle with other things besides building a new world, like the fact that his beloved Day friend Atreyu has been changed by Bastian's hidden desires into a practical sex kitten in the Night. And the fact that The Queen is on him like white on rice, no matter how many times he says, "no." And what adult fantasies will be allowed in the Night, and what will be banned to keep the relative purity of the Day intact?

So, let's world-build, shall we?

Questions are good, too!
25th-Jun-2005 10:37 pm - blowjob (bastian/atreyu narcophilia)
narcophilia, oral sex, sexkitten!Atreyu

it's still nightCollapse )
ray - daddy's back
Title: An Audience with the Queen (WIP?)
Rated: PG-13 (for kissing and groping but not much more than that)
Pairings: The Queen/Bastian (?), Bastian/Atreyu

Are you ashamed of what you've created, Bastian?Collapse )
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24th-Jun-2005 12:11 am - Little Question - Bastian/Atreyu
becuz i have this madly rabid bunny for some depraved smut that goes beyond the boundaries of what i've done so far, i thought i'd dish up a little bit of mostly hoppy Bastian/Atreyu to make up for it in advance XD enjoy!

Title - Little Question
Author - trowacko
Rating - NC17
Warnings - Bastian/Atreyu. semi-side fic type esque to the Night Universe. yes, note the caps XD
Disclaimers - i do not own the Neverending Story, nor do i make a claim to. no profit, no harm done.

imagine a nekkid Atreyu...Collapse )
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23rd-Jun-2005 10:55 pm - [INTRO] Welcome to Nox Diesque
Fantasia is a land created through the dreams and fantasies of children.

Bastian knows this, and for years his own imaginations has helped to save Fantasia from destruction, and rebuild it to its former glory after the Nothing. But Time continues on and Batian is growing up and while his head is still in the clouds, his dreams are starting to take a different bend; one that might not be welcome in Fantasia.

As the core of Fantasia is rocked by changes once more, Bastian is desperate to keep Fantasia and all of its people alive and safe. He'll do anything to make sure that the Nothing does not ravage Fantasia again.

And so, where the dreams of children are lacking... the fantasies of adults can take over.

Bastian, with the help of the Childlike Empress, creates the Night of Fantasia. The Night is when the "monsters" come out to play and when all good children should be in bed. The Night holds all of the adult fantasies of the world, and of Bastian's own imagination. Fantasia of Night is a darker, more sensual mirror of the Fantasia of Day, one where deepest carnal desires rule the flesh, instead of innocent imaginings.

There is much to discover and explore in the Night, in the realm under the stars, ruled over by a Hedonistic Queen.

This is the Night of Fantasia.
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