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blowjob (bastian/atreyu narcophilia) 
25th-Jun-2005 10:37 pm
narcophilia, oral sex, sexkitten!Atreyu

Atreyu wakes up an hour later, still in the middle of the night. He doesn't know why he wakes up, only that he feels the slow rise and fall of Bastian's body next to his – it feels odd, like that doesn't happen usually. He can't understand why, because it feels nice, to wake up with someone. The other's body is so close, within reach. He only needs to shift a little, and his belly presses into Bastian's arm. A small shift and he can kiss Bastian's ear.

Or rather, he could, if his attention weren't drawn somewhere else, lower on Bastian's body. Atreyu moves, stretches his legs and gets on all fours. He crooks his finger and hooks it into the sheet covering Bastian's body. It slides down easily, budges to his tugging, offering that delicious body to him. The Auryn on Bastian's chest glitters in the moonlight. When his lover shifts in his sleep, he waits for a moment – stills completely – until he's sure that his lover hasn't noticed anything.

When Bastian lies bared to him, Atreyu lowers his head. He doesn't give a warning kiss, no soft lick along a hipbone or a teasing bite to an inner thigh. He stretches his lips over the head of Bastian's cock and slides down. He's a natural at this, Bastian had smiled the first time he'd swallowed him whole. It had seemed almost too easy at that time, but now he's glad.

Bastian's thigh shifts under his hand. He holds it down and laps at the length with his tongue. He bobs his head, wanting Bastian hard and ready to come when he wakes up fully – and maybe also because it feels nice. Bastian calls him a slut for liking it so much.

He rubs himself into mattress, slim hips moving lazily, legs brushing against Bastian's. The other grows under his touch, and he starts rubbing one hand between Bastian's legs. He fondles teasingly – eliciting soft encouragements when Bastian finally realizes that it's not just a dream.

He hums appreciatively when he feels Bastian's hand in his hair. An eager thrust into his throat is his answer to the wet wakeup call. He comes back up for a breather and fists the erection, pressing a quick kiss to Bastian's hip.

"Good morning, lover." His voice is rough, and not from sleep. He swallows; slides his tongue over his teeth. "Had a nice nap?"

Bastian seems surprised to hear that greeting, the answer comes after a short pause. "Yeah… I fell asleep?"

Atreyu pinches the scrotum lightly, rubbing his thumb over the sensitive skin. "You did." He trails wet, open mouthed kisses over the length, his tongue laps up precome. Bastian likes that.

"Don't stop."

He hadn't planned to.

ray - daddy's back
25th-Jun-2005 08:46 pm (UTC)
*rolls around in smutty glee*

Wheeeee! I love this! Especially since Bastian really doesn't get a chance to "wake up with" Atreyu like this. And ooohhhh... sexkitten!Atreyu is so wonderful. He's so devoted and wanting to please Bastian and... nnnnnggghh!

*gives cookie*
25th-Jun-2005 09:02 pm (UTC)
*chomps on cookie*

Mmmm. *^____^*
Devoted, adoring, loving. Wanting to please, to love, to worship. T_T
Ooh, yes.

If it gets me cookies, I'll try to write more. No kicking bunnies out of my bed, nono. <3
8th-Sep-2007 07:58 pm (UTC) - very nice
vey veyr nice i loved it lol brb ahh........ ;-)

25th-Jun-2005 10:00 pm (UTC)
We like the lovely sex, we do. &_& Smuttyness when someone is asleep is so waugh!! Submissive!Atreyu = teh sex.
Thou hast inspired me, and I hope you write more because ohdearlordsosmutty.
25th-Jun-2005 10:16 pm (UTC)
^__^ Smuttage is good.

I do agree. Narcophilia is one of the sexiest kinks in writing, yet it hardly ever gets written. So many possibilities! T_T

Yeh, I'll write smut when it comes... or when persistent friends demand it (as was the case here - not that I'm complaining). X3
26th-Jun-2005 12:40 am (UTC)
oh *purrrrrrr* i <3 your kinks. they are teh yum *_*
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