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Nox Diesque Fantasia ~ Night and Day
Where all Fantasies come to Life
Time for some world-building~! 
15th-Aug-2005 12:02 am
Hello everyone!

Since a new member has joined the perviness (*waves to merith*), I thought it might be a good idea for us to debate and quibble and world-build a bit for Fantasia Night. Afterall, this is a shared NES universe for us, and it's good if everyone knows what the background of Fantasia Night is, who the new characters (or Night versions of beloved characters) are, et cetera.

The idea for Nox Diesque and Fantasia Night came about during a chat between me and trowacko. I have the two chats we had discussing everything saved, and I can make them available for perusal. ^^

But, mainly, the idea is that Bastian is worried that Fantasia may once again go through The Nothing, because he's growing up and his fantasies are changing -- no longer innocent imaginations, but more worldly and carnal pursuits. In an effort to keep Fantasia alive, even if children stop dreaming, Bastian starts actively creating the "other" Fantasia, the realm of the Night. In the Night (literally), all adult fantasies come to life, much like the way childish dreams fuel the life of Fantasia Day.

Of course, this isn't a simple process. Bastian gets a helping hand from the Childlike Empress -- who still rules the Day -- and a VERY helpful (and sometimes groping) hand from the Hedonistic Queen -- the Night mirror of the Childlike Empress. In the Night, all the sexual and fantastic creatures take on their own lives (like nymphs, satyrs, and succubi), and even beloved childhood Day denziens may take a wholly different form in the Night.

Day and Night of Fantasia are wholly separate, but connected. The only people who are aware of what they do in both Night and Day are Bastian and the Childlike Empress/The Queen. But Bastian has to struggle with other things besides building a new world, like the fact that his beloved Day friend Atreyu has been changed by Bastian's hidden desires into a practical sex kitten in the Night. And the fact that The Queen is on him like white on rice, no matter how many times he says, "no." And what adult fantasies will be allowed in the Night, and what will be banned to keep the relative purity of the Day intact?

So, let's world-build, shall we?

Questions are good, too!
15th-Aug-2005 10:07 pm (UTC)
I like this ...and now I see where some of the fic and fic talk has come from.

I'd like to see the chat logs that would be ever so smashing!
15th-Aug-2005 10:11 pm (UTC)
I'll clean up the chat logs then, and post them up in the comm for future reference. ^___^ I doubt you wanna read me and tro discussing classical movie quotes (I was watching TV at the time XD).
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