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[Fic] NES Night -- Debauchery 
12th-Oct-2005 11:48 pm
Title: Debauchery
Rated: R (for descriptions of sexual acts)
Pairings: Orgy with Bastian, Atreyu, the Queen, and a certain Lucky Dragon
Warnings: blatant debauchery, post-orgy-coital feelings, and general nekkidness on a grand scale. Yaoi, het, bisexual.
Notes: This just bit me out of the blue, so I decided to seize the bunny while it was still kicking. Unbeta-ed and written on the fly.


Bastian's eyes opened slowly and his head felt like it was spinning, even though he was pretty sure that he was laying down. He closed his eyes again against the dim light coming from the candles, and struggled to remember just where he was and what had happened. He remembered some sort of festival held within the Ivory Tower with the Queen overseeing the proceedings. And by "festival" Bastian meant "bacchanal," and by "Queen overseeing" Bastian meant "Queen getting plowed four ways from Friday." Then there was Atreyu, his usual suede skirt exchange for something that was silkier and clung to his muscled thighs. And Falcor was leaning over his shoulder, handing him a goblet of... something... that Bastian had downed while the Lucky Dragon had murmured in his ear that maybe Bastian had fortune in his favor tonight, if the looks he was getting from Atreyu and the Queen meant anything.



It was all a blur.

But Bastian, for some strange reason couldn't feel his right arm. Or his left leg. Finally braving the dim light again, he opened his eyes once more and oriented himself with a disturbingly familiar ceiling before slowly turning his head to the right. Ah. It was Atreyu, curled up against his side and using his right arm as a pillow as he slept. Atreyu was also completely naked, save for the rather artistic placement of love bites over his tanned skin. Bastian manged to move his free arm enough to gently stroke Atreyu's face, then down his neck and chest, toying with Atreyu's nipples. He didn't want to wake up his sleeping lover, so Bastian didn't dare do more than rub at the nub softly, gathering his frayed memory together.

Atreyu's slumbering presence didn't explain why Bastian couldn't feel his leg though, so he cautiously turned his gaze to the left.

And what he saw was a sea of milky white thigh, as far as the eye could see. A bit confused, Bastian followed that thigh up to a small patch of blonde curls -- lingered for a long moment -- went farther up past a smooth stomach and full breasts -- lingered again -- and finally focused on the sleeping face of the Queen. Her head was pillowed on his left thigh, long golden hair laying in disheveled disarray over their bodies. It was strange, even when the Queen was entertaining her many bedmates, Bastian had never remembered her hair ever being out of place from its elaborate hairstyle.

Bastian let a little smile cross his lips at the thought; just a few months ago he had been blushing when the Queen kissed his cheek. And now...

Now he was...

Debauched. That was the word Bastian was thinking of. Debauched.

Completely and utterly debauched. A veritable king of debauchery. And as memories finally snapped into place, Bastian realized that they all must have just passed out together in the middle of another round of sex. The last vaguely clear thing he remembered was the Queen eagerly sucking his cock, while Bastian attempted to kiss the life out of Atreyu, and Atreyu was being ridden hard by...

"Falcor..." Bastian whispered.

"Mmmm... you called?" a husky tenor replied.

Caught off guard, Bastian managed to push himself up a little (while not jarring the two using him as pillows) and looked further down the bed. He caught sight of tangled silver hair and a sated ruby gaze. Falcor was curled up (naked as well) at their feet, though now he sat up and eyed Bastian with interest.

"W-what...?" Bastian struggled to get his mouth to engage but Falcor only chuckled in that horribly arousing way. Bastian resigned himself to laying back against the pillows, feeling the bed shift as Falcor gingerly made his way to him. The dragon's movements were smooth and light and soon Falcor was there, kissing Bastian with a lazy sensuality. Bastian submitted -- more out of sheer exhaustion and sated arousal than anything else. When they parted, Falcor smiled at Bastian again, his body draped comfortably over the Queen's legs.

"Hmmmm... I wondered what the wine would do to you. I guess I know."

Bastian frowned a little, giving Falcor an inquisitive look. "Wine? You mean that goblet you gave me?"

"Mmmm... of course. It's something that I'd been waiting to try. It worked much better than I thought it would though." Falcor was totally unrepentant, grinning even as he kissed Bastian's jaw and throat.

"What... unn... was in that stuff anyway?"

"Why, my special Get Lucky blend, of course! I told you that you'd be lucky tonight, but even I didn't expect THIS lucky. I'm almost jealous."

Bastian chuckled, smoothing his hand over Falcor's thick hair and the faint scales that shimmered under his skin.

"You have nothing to be jealous about. Afterall, you got lucky, too." Falcor purred as Bastian stroked him, and Bastian returned the dragon's grin with one of his own. "Maybe we'll both get even luckier. The Night isn't over yet."

Ruby eyes blinked, then began to shimmer with lust and arousal again. Falcor darted forward to press a hard kiss against Bastian's lips.

"I'll wake the Queen if you wake your Warrior."

-- Owari --
Bunny Says Dance Puppets
13th-Oct-2005 07:53 am (UTC)
Get Lucky blend *dies* omg, that was grand and FOUR WAY????? good frickin' crikey, woman! and you threw Falcor in too that was just so grand *_* lucky indeed! *mmm* that was quite yummy. and a damn good bedtime story <33333
13th-Oct-2005 01:54 pm (UTC)
Mmm orgy!
And it has drug use... and debauchery. And even more debauchery after waking up. *whimpers*
Falcor is one sexy beast, indeed... *__*

And the best thing is that silky stuff Atreyu was wearing in the beginning - you can just picture it clinging not only to his muscled thighs, but to his cute butt... and if he lies on Bastian, and that cloth clings and his butt would look so... mmm... and someone probably bit his butt, because of that swishiness.

Does he have teethmarks on his butt?

13th-Oct-2005 04:20 pm (UTC)
Does he have teethmarks on his butt?

if he doesn't yet, he should XDDD
14th-Oct-2005 04:27 am (UTC)
mmm so yummy!!! a Four Way!!! and with Falkor too!!! Somehow I think Falkor is the seductive kind of guy who does anything to get someone to bed, not that anyone would complain of going to bed with him!!
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