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[FIC] NES night-- Belong to you 
14th-Dec-2005 04:53 pm
Title: Belong to you
Rated: NC-17
Pairings: Bastian/Atreyu
Warnings: bondage, voyeurism, yaoi
Notes: I hope it's not too bad since: a) my first published smut, b) I'm not a native english speaker, c) It's unbetaed. Also, I'm a NES book geek so some of the descriptions might show it. But anyway, I'm very proud of it, I hope you like it.

*Damn* Atreyu thought as he plunged into a trunk big enough to hold him inside, had it not been so full of what the boy was starting to consider as useless trash. Where was that darn thing anyway, now that he needed it? He started to curse fluently in a language that wasn't the one he commonly used; yet it was so familiar to him it might as well be his birth language, except for the fact he didn't remember when had he learned it. Somehow, although it was usually kept in the back of his mind, the issue kept bugging him time and again. He had tried to look for the right time to discuss this with Bastian but the right time was usually pushed back by the right time to be taken by his adored lover.

“Aha!” Atreyu would have continued his line of thought, had he not found what he was looking for. As it was, this little treasure had taken Atreyu back to his current trouble, far more important in his opinion than any other thought on his mind.

The Queen. That darned woman was his problem. Oh, he respected her all right; after all she was the ruler of the night and the reason behind everyone's existence. Plus, she could get anyone she desired into her bed, then why not leave Bastian alone. He had seen the way she looked at Bastian, he wasn't blind, yet his lover seemed oblivious to this. Lately, Bastian had been called to her presence more often than usual and Atreyu didn't like it at all. Didn't the Queen know Bastian belonged to him? Or rather, he belonged to Bastian and right now he wasn't taking good care of his belongings.

Atreyu looked at himself through the mirror, the pet collar that he had placed around his neck fit perfectly. If Bastian didn't took good care of him because of the Queen’s demands he would have to show them both just how much he needed him. The warrior attached the leash that accompanied the collar in its place and started to make his way to the Queen's chambers.

Minutes later he entered Magnolia Pavilion, unannounced and ignoring each and every piece of protocol he knew necessary. The Queen was sitting on her bed in a provocative way while Bastian was standing in front of her. Atreyu felt a surge of anger, wasn't his Bastian good enough to sit in her presence? Didn’t she remember Bastian was their saviour? He calmed himself with the thought that at least he was standing up instead of in bed with the Queen.

“Atreyu, to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?” Said the Queen as he approached them. The warrior chose to ignore her as he walked to the only person he was really here for.

When the Queen suddenly stopped their conversation to greet Atreyu, Bastian looked involuntarily to the door. He certainly wasn't prepared to see his lover walking sensuously to him wearing nothing but his leather loincloth loosely around his hips and a pet collar—complete with a leash—around his neck. And he definitely wasn't prepared to have Atreyu wrap his body around his own in such an arousing fashion as he kissed him with all his might.

“Atreyu?” he asked.

“I have missed you Bastian. You have not been with me lately.” The boy spoke gently to Bastian's ear, not letting go of his embrace.


“Don't you know I belong to you?” Atreyu slid the leash into one of Bastian's wrists, “I need you,” There was so much wanton, so much desire in his words that Bastian felt his body responding. Combined with the fact that Atreyu added a passionate kiss while he was practically rubbing himself to the human boy, there was little more than said boy could do but to surrender to the sensations.

“You 'need' me”, Bastian managed to say in a husky voice.

“Yes, I need everything about you: your prescence,” the boy bit Bastian's earlobe, “your scent, your taste,” he then proceeded to ravish his neck, “your body.” The boy knelt so he was facing Bastian's hips. “Especially your body,” he puffed warm breath to the human’s groin, sending shivers down Bastian’s spine, “you have not taken good care of me, my love.”

“All right, you win,” he said caressing Atreyu’s cheek with the hand the leash was on, “let’s go to our quarters and I’ll show you just how much I care about you.”

“No. Do it here, fuck me here.” It was a something between a whine and an order. Atreyu’s voice again sounded to his ear, but loud enough so the Queen could hear it.

Before he knew how, Bastian found himself sitting on a couch with Atreyu on top of him. The warrior boy had stripped him quickly, and had taken Bastian manhood into his hand, bringing it to a full erection. Bastian began to gently caress his lover’s back and he noticed he still had Atreyu’s leash wrapped around his wrist. He tied the leash around both their bodies in a way that it allowed them little movement. Atreyu, who was kissing the boy under him didn’t notice until a tug of the leash pushed him towards his lover, both their cocks crashing and eliciting loud moans from both boys.

With his free hand, Bastian parted Atreyu’s cheeks and made his way to the warrior’s entrance. Atreyu shivered with expectation, but Bastian never got his digits inside. Instead, he tightened the grip on the leash, bringing their bodies even closer, their lips almost touching. Atreyu’s arms were firmly held between their bodies and he moaned in frustration.

“Just how much do you need me, Atreyu?” Bastian said huskily. In response, Atreyu only moaned deeper, needier and louder.

Bastian loosened his grip a little, only enough so his freehand stood in front of his warrior’s mouth. Atreyu took the hint and sucked hard on the fingers presented to him. When they were lubricated enough, Bastian took them back to Atreyu’s ass and slid them, one by one, inside. His expert hand massaged every little pleasure spot know to him inside his lover, making Atreyu squirm and eliciting soft moans and random words of encouragement from him.

“Bastian… Please…”

Bastian took his fingers out of Atreyu’s ass. The young warrior was more than ready, yet Bastian was making nothing more than kissing him lightly and caressing his back. Atreyu could feel the other boy was as hard as he was, and—god…—he couldn’t say whether he loved or hated this teasing. He looked into Bastian’s eyes. ‘You’re the one that needs me, don’t you?’ they seemed to say.

Atreyu evaluated the situation; Bastian hadn’t loosened his grip of the leash so he couldn’t move his arms. He could however move his legs freely so he pushed himself up, in an efford to impale himself with Bastian’s manhood. At that moment, Bastian finally decided to help him and used his free hand to ease his throbbing erection into his lover.

Atreyu couldn’t help but half close his eyes as the feeling of being full of Bastian took over him. And yes, he needed that, from no one else but Bastian. He began to move slowly, as much as the leash allowed him, trying to get Bastian’s cock deeper inside of him. With each movement however, he increased his rhythm. Yet, every time he seemed to be going too fast Bastian slowed him down with a tug of the leash.

Slowly and steadily, both boys were losing it. After a while, they noticed they couldn’t possibly last much longer. Bastian was kissing Atreyu so hard he would probably bruise his lover’s lips. Atreyu was the first to come, his own cock getting rubbed by the movements of their bodies. He cried Bastian’s name so many times they both lost track of the number. This was enough to drive the human boy to the edge, as he came inside of the one he loved.

It took them a few minutes to recover and catch their breath, still wrapped with the leash; their faces so close they could feel the breathing of the other on their faces. Bastian looked up to find the Queen looking at them with a grin so full of lust that he blushed from head to toe.

He got up quickly, almost knocking down Atreyu, and himself as he didn't release the knot that still held them together. Hastily he undid it and began to move out of the room, accidentally pulling on his lover harder than he expected. Before he got out of the room, he realized his clothes were still on the floor and came back to collect them, trying not to look at the Queen or pull Atreyu in the process. Atreyu instead had a smug smile on his face and looked at the Queen in triumphant satisfaction.

As he watched both boys leave the room, Atreyu following Bastian only to cling to him the moment they were outside, the queen gave a small melodious laugh. Indeed Bastian and Atreyu belonged to each other and she couldn’t wait for the time to have them both in her bed.

tactics harukan
3rd-Jan-2006 06:29 am (UTC)
Eheheheh! I meant to comment on this earlier but then I forgot and a bunch of things happened, but now I'm here! I liked this. I've always wanted to see a bit of Atreyu's jealousy about Bastian and the Queen, and this was good. ♥

Glad to see you posting on our very quiet comm! ^^
29th-Nov-2008 08:13 pm (UTC)
*is dead*

(oh, and that's a good thing! :D)
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