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[FIC] NES Night -- Cold Comfort 
2nd-Aug-2006 09:26 pm
Title: Cold Comfort (1/1)
Author: Sailor Seraphim
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Bastian/Atreyu, implied Bastian/The Queen
Disclaimer: I do not own The Neverending Story or any of its related characters. I do, however, own the situations which occur in this fic.
Warnings: Yaoi. Angst. Sorta D/s relationship. Mentions of sex.
Notes: Drabble request written for trowacko. Part of the Night Universe. Crossposted to plotbunny_hutch.
Summary: Atreyu attends The Queen, and receives a small bit of hope in the process.


"Attend me."

It was an order. Simple, concise, with no room for refusal. And Atreyu obeyed, because she was his Queen, the Ruler of Night, and the love her bore for her as a Warrior and a citizen was surpassed only by the love he had for Bastian himself.

Once Night fell, Atreyu found himself entering the Queen's own bedchambers. For once, courtiers and handmaidens were not present and the Queen's large bed looked to be unslept in. The Queen herself sat on the padded bench before her large mirror, clad only in the lightest of silk robes, the color of it so deep and black that it could only be rivaled by the night sky. He didn't speak, and neither did his Queen. Instead he moved silently to her, taking the ivory-backed brush from her pale hand and settling himself behind her. Atreyu ran his hands as carefully as he could through the Queen's long hair, frowning only slightly when the fine flaxen silk caught on the rough calluses on his fingers.

"You are troubled," the Queen murmured, not looking away from the mirror.

Atreyu frowned once again, his actions clumsy as he handled the delicate brush and the Queen's hair. He wasn't used to such a task. After all, Bastian's hair was short and if Atreyu's hands were in it, he was usually tugging at it, pulling Bastian's lips to his, or clutching Bastian's hair as his hips thrust up into the sinfulness that was Bastian's mouth. But Atreyu was moved away from his pleasant remembrances when the Queen's shoulders shook with a gentle laugh.

"He will return."

"What do you mean?" Atreyu immediately asked, trying to hide the fact that his mind has wandered. The Queen merely met his eyes in the mirror, and Atreyu fought to keep himself from flinching away from her knowing look. Finally he dropped his gaze, focusing on the Queen's hair again and a particularly tenacious knot.

"... it is quite obvious what you think, Atreyu, since your love is painted on your face stronger than any tribal paints. You need not worry, Bastian will return."

"But he's been gone so long."

"He will return. Because of you."

Atreyu felt a swell of pride with that. The Queen would not lie about such a thing, not to him, and never about Bastian. He wondered, sometimes, about what brought Bastian to Fantasia. When they weren't engaged in love-making or other pleasurable pursuits, Atreyu would sometimes see a far-away look in Bastian's eyes, as if he was seeing something that Atreyu could not. And the Warrior could never understand. So he would coax Bastian into his arms again. But was that all he could do?

"Do not worry."

The touch of the Queen's hand against his own caused Atreyu to drop the ivory brush, and he found himself on his knees, his face buried in the silk on the Queen's lap and his hands clawing at the padding of the bench. He shuddered and fought to keep his emotions in check as the Queen's own gentle hands and light touch threaded through his hair.

"You cause yourself such pain, Atreyu. Do you not believe in Bastian's love for you?"

"... his gaze is so far away..."

The Queen sighed softly, curling Atreyu's hair around her fingers. She quietly contemplated why Bastian had not seen this pain in Atreyu before this, and if he did, why he had not acted. The Warrior was strong, the one presence that kept Bastian tied here to Fantasia, to the Night, and to them all. Even her own love would not keep Bastian returning to them with such frequency.

"No. It is always on you. No matter where his is, his eyes are on you. Believe in that."

Atreyu remained prostrate before his Queen, each wondering about the presence they both yearned for, and they stayed like that for the whole Night.

-- Owari --
Bunny Says Dance Puppets
29th-Nov-2008 08:00 pm (UTC)
OMFG!!!! I loved it! I was hoping to fing something like this for so long, but I wasn't sure I would! Anyway, I'm glad not to be the only one who saw those two together! :D
30th-Nov-2008 03:02 am (UTC)
#^^# I'm glad you liked it. Atreyu and the Queen aren't really together (unless Bastian would like to see it), but I see them as taking comfort with each other while he's away.
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