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Little Question - Bastian/Atreyu 
24th-Jun-2005 12:11 am
becuz i have this madly rabid bunny for some depraved smut that goes beyond the boundaries of what i've done so far, i thought i'd dish up a little bit of mostly hoppy Bastian/Atreyu to make up for it in advance XD enjoy!

Title - Little Question
Author - trowacko
Rating - NC17
Warnings - Bastian/Atreyu. semi-side fic type esque to the Night Universe. yes, note the caps XD
Disclaimers - i do not own the Neverending Story, nor do i make a claim to. no profit, no harm done.

Keep my feet on the ground. It was a good line that kept me on the path of school and study throughout the years. It took a single book in a single day to tear down the mantra until it was a joke. Being on the ground wasn't where I was supposed to be. I wondered, sometimes, if Father ever knew what his little boy did when his feet touched ground not created by man, but by children's fantasies. The pleasures he took with forcing himself to gain some miniscule pleasure through grueling labor were nothing compared to the pleasure taken from equally gruelling labor, but mine was flesh against flesh.

The boy grew up in the sense that his body filled out. Gone were the chubby cheeks and cartoon-printed shirts with jeans that held more pockets than a boy needed, but damn, they looked good too. Gone was the horrid haircut that he favored for a loftier style that seemed to endlessly irk him. Looking back, that's probably why I'd requested it in the first place.

"You're mind isn't on me."

Spoken quietly, but I could hear the faint disappointment nonetheless. I wasn't about to tell Atreyu I'd just been thinking of my father when I'd been thrusting two fingers into his ass. Somehow, I highly doubted he'd have appreciated it the way I did.

"My mind's here," I replied without pretense of smile or explanation. "Right here." Forcing my fingers deeper, I relished in the slow moan he emitted. "And here, too." His lips were slightly rough from being exposed to weather for hours on end in a day, yet they still remained pliant to my touch. His lips, I had to remind myself, weren't really the lips I'd seen only hours earlier, but it was nearly impossible not to make the comparison. At times, I would have felt better with him, this Atreyu of Night, appearing as an apparition where I could separate the two in my mind as well as how I treated their bodies. But such luxuries were gone and the fact was dealt with the only way a young man really could.

I fucked him.

Ah, let's not be so crass about it. The boy was my lover, my companion. The other half of my soul that could only be completed when the sun went down. There were times that turmoil ruled how I felt when I wanted them both when it wasn't their time to be. I couldn't dare talk to the Atreyu whose hair shone brilliantly in the sun of what I wanted to do to him that night, nor could I tell my lover laid out before me how much I'd enjoyed a dinner he didn't make. But my mind was on him. It was in him, and he was in my very mind and soul. My Atreyu.

"Tell me you want me," I asked, hating the way my voice came out pleading. Atreyu didn't notice.

"Please, Bastian. Please, I need you."

When a boy dressed in little more than a soft leather skirt had his legs wrapped around your waist and you were naked above him, what would your answer have been?

Never mind. I don't care what you would have done. I only know what I wanted and needed. What my lover had to have. Dear Father, could you have ever denied such a lover in your life?

"My lovely, lovely Atreyu."

He was, really. Lovely, that is. And mine, come, let's not dance around that. I wanted to take off that last flimsy bit of cloth from him and take him naked, but it was more sinful this way. More decadent with him wearing something so dark to contrast the warm glow of his pale skin. Flesh denied the sun's light was still as beautiful to me when the moon bathed it with her kiss. Thrusting into him was like taking him again for the first time. Hot, wet heat enveloped my cock and I was helpless to do anything more than sink into it with a rapidity that I fervently hoped didn't harm my lover. It never did. His face scrunched in concentration, his limbs moving in an orchestrated dance that pulled me against him with warm touches and teasing caresses.


So wanton and breathless that it begged to be drank. Cupping his cheek to bring him closer to me, we kissed with the hesitancy of first time lovers we could never be again. Or we became again night after night. Love was never as close as the two boys I saw day in and night out. Or maybe it was the other way around.

The thrusts against him drove him up the bed of leather skins and fur that hadn't been taken from any animal. Like the lover of the Night, they simply were. Harsh gasps filtered into the air, each sweet sound a blessing to drive our bodies together harder and faster. It was sheer heat and easy thrusting into a body that demanded to be taken. Never mind the guilt that struck at times for claiming him for hours on end. He wanted that as much as I did.

Shouldn't think about things like that when forcing one's cock into a body like Atreyu's.

The next throaty moan was cut off by a kiss that mated us completely. Joined in more ways than one, mouths slipping against each other while tongues attempted to gain our minds back by seeking solace in another heat, we were lost. Hopeless children in a way and our breadcrumbs back to sanity was in the other's body. My Atreyu. Please, I begged some diety that might not have existed outside the Book. Dont' let it end. Until his seed spurted between us and I emptied myself into him, I might have believed in God.

*just because it comes from the mind of a wacko, doesn't necessarily mean it's insane.*
Jrock - Klaha - peek-a-boo
24th-Jun-2005 06:23 am (UTC)
Bwehehehe! What a perfect inaugural post to the comm!
25th-Jun-2005 06:21 pm (UTC)
whay sankyuu, darlin'! ^_____^
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